About Us

RedRidge Pet Market is a family owned and operated, full line pet supply market offering Everything Natural!  At RedRidge Pet Market we have carefully selected each of our products, where are they made, how are they made, where are they sourced, and how are they sourced, ensuring that each offering meets the RedRidge standard.  This certifies that we only showcase the best, All Natural products to keep your pet Happy and Healthy!  RedRidge provides you with the peace of mind knowing that you are giving your pet the best quality healthy options!  RedRidge Pet Market is your resource for Everything Natural.


RedRidge Pet Market offers All Natural Food, Treats, Chews, Training Aids, Toys, Natural and Organic Supplements, Herbs, Tonics, Beds, Bowls, Cages, and MORE!  We specialize in All Natural Foods, which include – Raw Food, Dehydrated Food, Freeze Dried Food, Canned Food and Dry Food!

Natural Foods – At RedRidge Pet Market we go beyond what the ingredients say.  RedRidge Pet Market looks at how are they produced, where are they from, and how are they sourced.  All of these factors together make up the whole of the product.  RedRidge Pet Market has a large selection of foods that we have carefully researched and selected to provide your pet with a healthy and balanced diet.

Outdoor Gear – RedRidge Pet Market offers a large selection of Outdoor Gear! Everything to outfit you for your next hike or camping trip!  RedRidge Pet Market will make sure you are prepared for your next morning walk or outdoor adventure!

Training Gear – At RedRidge Pet Market we offer a large selection of training tugs, dumbbells, collars, and other training aids.  RedRidge Pet Market’s expansive training section will help get you ready for your next training section or competitive event!